otiselevatorco You can find our elevators and escalators in Panama Metro, Central America’s first urban rail system. #MadetoMoveYou


Thanks @OKState! If you missed us at the Business Career Fair yesterday, you can check out exciting #OtisElevator j… https://t.co/BeZBT1GVM1

⚡️ “Celebrating 165 years of innovation” https://t.co/wPxSPZXDSv

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otiselevatorco We’re investing in the talent of tomorrow to #RisewithOtis. #Apprentices are working on high profile projects and enjoying interesting careers to keep the world moving. Good luck to all UK students who are thinking about their future careers #alevelresultsday2018 #Madetomoveyou


otiselevatorco Rising above expectations in India, with the Arise elevator. #MadetoMoveYou


On the beautiful #McMaster campus today to recruit at the Fall Career Fair! We’re looking for talent to join our o… https://t.co/qtDd4ia7Oe

May 9, 2018 FARMINGTON, United States

Otis Launches Gen2 MRL for High-Rise Market

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otiselevatorco We’re proud of the #longservice from our engineers who make their personal commitments to provide the best customer service. Their training and input is at the heart of #SignatureService. Congrats to Billy N. for 30 years in Otis UKI.

"If you are doing something, do it right. It saves you time and effort so that you don’t have to repeat it over and… https://t.co/unn8pA8CcP

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