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At Otis we meet individual passenger needs with an advanced choice of hall fixtures, such as our intuitive OneCall™ destination entry keypad, the sleek e*touch™ tablet style hall call system and the smart, versatile CompassPlus® Destination Dispatching technology

Every aspect of your journey is covered by a simple-to-use, sophisticated solution with our range of destination systems.


With our CompassPlus Destination Dispatching technology we've created our most advanced destination management system ever, making every journey simple, intuitive, and inspiring.

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Innovative and easy to use

The OneCall destination entry keypad is sophistication made simple. Using Otis controls, it’s created exclusively for one and two car groups and a maximum of 12–16 hall fixtures.


The e*touch tablet style hall call is the advanced hall fixture for up to 10 landings. Designed exclusively for Otis control systems, it provides a single, smart e*touch fixture per floor.


Everything you want in a lift: compact, efficient, reliable

The Gen2 lift transformed the industry we created more than 160 years ago.

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Our most advanced high-rise lift yet

With our SkyRise system, we've taken everything we know and pushed it further, combining cutting-edge science and precision engineering to deliver the solutions you need.

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